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7th Grade

The Elective Form is now CLOSED
for current FNMS incoming 7th Grade students.


Elective Information Reminders

Zero Period for All Students: 
  • Zero period is intended for students with an impacted schedule. Some students with an impacted schedule are in programs such as: 
Special Education
English Language Development 
Math and English Support 
Dual Immersion 
  • Zero period is a request, but not guaranteed
  • Transportation is not available.
  • Zero Period Contract is required
Electives Requiring Application If you are interested in an elective requiring an application such as ASB, PAL, or STEPS Student Aide, you will need to complete the Elective Form above, plus an additional application. Applications are located in the Elective Form. Students selected for these electives will be notified in April. 
Mandarin & Spanish Immersion & AVID students: Your language or AVID class is your 1st choice elective and will be placed on your schedule.  If you are interested in taking a 2nd elective, you will need to take a zero period class. Zero period is not guaranteed and transportation is not provided. Please mark zero period and select your elective choice(s). If you are not interested in taking a 2nd elective, please only select the "I am a MIP, TWIS or AVID student."