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    No Items Drop-Off & Early-Out Procedure


    1) Send a note with your Student in the morning including your Students name, date, time Student will be leaving and reason for leaving early 

     2) Student should take this note to the Attendance window, before school starts and obtain a “Special Excuse” pass from Attendance 

     3) Student will show the “Special Excuse” pass to the Teacher at the appropriate time and be sent to the front office 

     4) Parent/Guardian will come into the office and sign out the Student and will be required to show a picture ID 



    In an effort to protect instructional time and limit distractions any items forgotten at home such as homework, P.E. clothes, lunches or lunch money MAY NOT be dropped off at school.

    Students who have forgotten their lunch money will be provided a lunch from the cafeteria. Items from delivery services such as GrubHub and DoorDash are NOT permitted.

    Items for large groups of students - fast food, cakes, and party items are NOT permitted.  Students are not permitted to meet cars or parents in the parking lot during school hours. Newhart is a closed campus. All visitors must check-in and –out at the front office.