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Kathleen Lewis - STEPS Teacher
Katie Montgomery - STEPS Teacher
Annie Pelayo - STEPS Teacher
Tamra Searle - STEPS Teacher
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Capistrano USD
The Capistrano Unified School District’s Secondary STEPS program is designed to meet the needs of special education students in grades six through twelve (6-12) who have unique needs requiring a more functional academic program. The program focuses on the development of skills that will assist students in their post-secondary lives and careers.  Support for students in this program is provided by certificated special education teachers, itinerant staff and instructional support staff members.  This program is designed to meet the individual needs of each student according to their Individualized Education Program (IEP).
CUSD Mission Statement
CUSD’s mission, in partnership with the home and our richly diverse community, is to educate students and to assist them in realizing their full potential as responsible, productive, and contributing members of society by providing an educational environment in which students are challenged, excellence is expected, and differences are valued.
Vision Statement of the STEPS Program
Provide students with a program which will:
  • Focus on applied academics
  • Promote independent living skills
  • Foster vocational competency
  • Create opportunities for social interaction in the community
  • Assist with forming a healthy lifestyle
Small Class Structure
Classes are designed to provide specialized academic instruction to individuals with intensive needs. These small classes are located in all geographical areas of the school district. Students are integrated within the general education program to the maximum degree appropriate to their individual needs.
Related Services
These services may be required to assist a student with special needs to benefit from their education. These related services may include: transportation, speech/language therapy, psychological services, adapted physical education, physical or occupational therapy, assistive technology support, mental health services, medical services, and counseling services. The I.E.P. Team determines need for these services.
Additional Components of the STEPS Program
  • Provides applied academic curriculum and instruction
  • Highly structured curriculum that is aligned with Common Core State Standards
  • Classes utilize a variety of strategies such as: structured teaching and positive behavioral interventions
  • Provides instruction in vocational skills
  • Provides instruction in independent living/daily living skills
  • Provides Community Based Instruction (CBI) to provide application and generalization of skills learned in the classroom
  • Social and communication skills are embedded into the day
  • Provides access to programs such as the Department of Rehabilitation, Workability, and Transition Partnership Program (TPP)